The seeming lockstep price of Crude Oil and the Morgan Stanley Capital International

The seeming lockstep price of Crude Oil and the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE based TSP 401k.

A friend of mine at work got into the I fund (based on the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE) at the right time and rode it to some great profits. He said that as oil prices rose so did the I fund. Being a curious fellow I decided to take a look and an interesting pattern appeared.

I graphed the five funds available in the Thrift Savings Plan, 401k retirement plan.

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Investing in Oil in the Face of Terrorism

Terrorist attacks threaten the security of nations and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. These threats impact stocks and commodities markets around the world and make investment decisions very difficult, even for the experts.

So what can average investors do? First, they should ask themselves what the likelihood is of a major terrorist attack. Then, they should determine whether their portfolios are hedged sufficiently with oil-related investments that would increase in value should a major terrorist attack disrupt oil production and distribution.

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Car Repair Prices: Why Your Oil Change Is Never “Just An Oil Change”

For a repair shop, there is little profit in the $29.95 oil change. By the time a shop pays its technician, pays for the oil, the filter, and the hazardous waste disposal fees, there’s no money left.

This low profit margin is worsened by the extremely competitive “Quick Lube” business, which forces local repair shops to refrain from raising prices, despite rising costs.

This all begs the question: If oil change specials, which range from $15.95 to $29.95, clearly produce very low profits, then why do so many service facilities advertise oil change specials?

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Oil Production May Be At Its Peak, Experts Say

Anyone who has recently visited a gas station has felt the pinch of the impending oil crisis by having to pay more than $3 per gallon for gas.

While most people understand that we are facing a worldwide shortage of one of our most precious commodities, the reasons behind the deficiency remain somewhat vague.

According to Mammoth Resource Partners, Inc., a Kentucky-based oil and gas exploration company, major media coverage has largely ignored the underlying reasons for the relentless march toward ever-higher oil and natural gas prices. Experts report that the reasons are rooted not only in Middle East chaos and Asia’s booming economies, but they also predict that it’s in the possibility that the world’s oil production may be peaking.

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