Drillers Hope to Strike It Rich With Old Oil Wells

Old Oil WellsExploration firms are finding that reopening oil wells that have long been closed may help decrease the crude oil shortages.

For example, Desdemona, Texas, which was booming with oil production in the early 1900s, once was one of the largest oil producers in the region.

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Oil Partnerships: How to Protect Your Investment

Oil PartnershipsAs burgeoning economies push the demand for oil to historic highs, some analysts say the world’s oil production is in the process of peaking. Believing that an oil crisis -and, thus, higher prices – is inevitable, some investors are seeing dollar signs in their future.

According to the International Energy Agency, 2004 world oil demand increased by a higher rate than any year since 1988. And if current trends continue, worldwide oil demand will exceed 120 million barrels per day, according to the Energy Information Administration.

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Auto Repair: How Can They Screw Up An Oil Change

Car Oil Change“It’s all about beating the clock”. This quote comes from a wise old service manager, advising me on how to maximize my income as a flat-rate technician. If you have ever wondered why your car doesn’t get fixed correctly, or all your concerns weren’t addressed, you can blame, in part, the flat-rate pay structure.

Flat-rate simply means that your mechanic is paid a flat fee for a particular repair, regardless of how long the repair actually takes. In other words, if your car needs a water pump, which pays two hours of labor, and the mechanic completes the job in one hour, he gets paid for two.

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Oil Shortgages – A Solution

Oil ShortagesMany of us remember the oil shortages of the late seventies. They caused more than just the inconvenience of occasional gasoline rationing. Several elderly people actually died in the New York City area because of a lack of heating oil. Some people thought it would only get worse, and we would run out of oil completely before long.

Interestingly, at the same time, gold and other things much rarer than oil were available to anyone who wanted them. This gives us a clue to what causes an oil shortage, or any other shortage. It is usually just one thing.

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