US Ends Oil Dependency; Turns B S Into Fuel

While America is experiencing a gasoline shortage, the nation’s dependence on foreign oil is about to end.

A researcher at The Department of Energy, from which breakthrough ideas emanate on a regular basis, noticed that Americans, along with most people who ever lived, have a virtually unlimited and renewable supply of B. S. He wondered if it might be turned into fuel.

The hypothesis proved so promising that his work produced a marvelous result in as short a time as it took to record some B. S. from a wonderfully fertile colleague and wire it to a refinery. He calls the new potion Bio-Super.

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Investing In Oil And Gas Opportunities

Investing in direct participation, or working interest ownership in new oil & gas prospects being offered by only the very best oil & gas independents, and broker/dealers is now a pretty common way to beat the stock market, and just about any other passive investment being offered to you today… particularly when… but only when… you can do it correctly…

Cash flow is always king, and making money when oil & natural gas prices are going up, and to be able to do so while not having to sell your working interest ownership to make a profit, is a chief advantage of investing in only the most successful of the developmental, and exploratory oil & gas drilling prospects being offered to private & industry investors today…

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How To Change Your Car’s Motor Oil In 3 Easy Steps

Ideally, you should change your motor oil every three months or after every 3,000 miles. If you often drive around in hot or dusty conditions, you might even want to change oil more often than that.

The process is pretty simple, and as easy as one-two-three. Step one is getting ready, step two is draining the oil and changing the oil filter while step three is installing the new oil.

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Venezuela Threatens To Cut Off Oil Exports To US

On Sunday, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, threatened Condoleezza Rice. Last Friday, he also made treats to discontinue exporting crude oil to America if they will still try to undermine his administration.

This is his response to previous statements made by Condoleza Rice that relationship of Venezuela with Cuba are perilous to the democratic system in Latin nations. Moreover, the US State Department accuses Chavez of utilizing Venezuela’s abundant oil assets to interfere with the dealings of adjacent nations. They also criticized him of enhancing relationships with America’s enemies, for instance, Iran and Cuba.

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Risk in the Oil Drilling Game

When considering whether or not to invest a portion of your assets into American oil, you must come to an understanding of risk inherent in this type of endeavor. As i have said before, if you are not a high networth or accredited investor limit your exposure to sector mutual funds and the like.

If you are an accredited investor, take a closer look at direct participation oil & gas deals.

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Oil Prices May Crash

Oil has been rising for the past 10 years as the world has come to the understanding that there is only a limited supply and national economies are tied to it. To many people the rise in oil price is a good bet because of its limited nature. It may be possible that oil will take a dive in price as it comes close to $100 per barrel as people begin to feel uneasy.

It is possible that people have made so much money on oil stock, futures, options and other investments that people or large investment houses may dump their investments and take the winnings. If this happens even a small decline could trigger and en masse exodus from the market forcing a quick downward trend on the price per barrel of oil causing the market to crash. A market crash could be as much as a 40% decline in the price per barrel.

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Future Of Oil

In recent days oil market has witnessed surge in global oil price. Crude oil went to a two-month high on concern that U.S. refiners will fail to produce enough gasoline to keep up with peak demand this summer.

Short fall in supply of oil from Nigeria and uncertainty on Iranian nuclear issues are already keeping buyers of oil nervous. Delivery in May future hit $68 per barrel, a 20 pct jump from last years $56.5 per barrel, only $2.85 from August 2005 high’s of $70.85.

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Essentials Oils, Natures Precious Gift

Essential Oils: Nature’s Precious Gift Have you ever wondered what is the reason of perfume in flowers and other plant parts? They are the essential oils. But in addition to the aromatic part, the essential oils also contain plant hormones and some other compounds. The essential oils are highly effective at very low concentrations. They have considerable effects on plants, animals as well as insects. The main reason of this is that the essential oils are very ancient compounds that were produced by the very ancient plants and have been produced ever since. The animals existed with the plants from the beginning. This long term of co-existence has caused them to respond to these essential oils in some way or the other.

The essential oils are extracted today by expression, steam distillation or solvent extraction. The last process of essential oil extraction however kills some of their therapeutic and other values. This renders them less effective. These solvent extracted essential oils are available in the market at a low cost. However, they are less effective and therefore less advisable. In the distillation process of extraction, water and steam are used to remove the oils out of fresh or dried plants. Solvent extraction uses the use of a solvent like alcohol to extract the essential oils.

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The Seeming Lockstep Price Of Crude Oil And The Morgan Stanley Capital

The seeming lockstep price of Crude Oil and the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE based TSP 401k retirement.

A friend of mine at work got into the I fund (based on the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE) at the right time and rode it to some great profits. He said that as oil prices rose so did the I fund. Being a curious fellow I decided to take a look and an interesting pattern appeared.

I graphed the five funds available in the Thrift Savings Plan, 401k retirement plan.

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