Car Repair Prices: Why Your Oil Change Is Never “Just An Oil Change”

For a repair shop, there is little profit in the $29.95 oil change. By the time a shop pays its technician, pays for the oil, the filter, and the hazardous waste disposal fees, there’s no money left.

This low profit margin is worsened by the extremely competitive “Quick Lube” business, which forces local repair shops to refrain from raising prices, despite rising costs.

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Oil Production May Be At Its Peak, Experts Say

Anyone who has recently visited a gas station has felt the pinch of the impending oil crisis by having to pay more than $3 per gallon for gas.

While most people understand that we are facing a worldwide shortage of one of our most precious commodities, the reasons behind the deficiency remain somewhat vague.

According to Mammoth Resource Partners, Inc., a Kentucky-based oil and gas exploration company, major media coverage has largely ignored the underlying reasons for the relentless march toward ever-higher oil and natural gas prices. Experts report that the reasons are rooted not only in Middle East chaos and Asia’s booming economies, but they also predict that it’s in the possibility that the world’s oil production may be peaking.

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Oil Panic! The Three Myths Driving the Market Wild

Oil is by far the most widely traded commodity in the world. It is also the most corrupt.

By way of example we need look no further than the events of the past two years. What with our TV screens filled with images of blazing oil pipes in Iraq, traffic jams in Shanghai and hurricane disasters in the US. A seemingly endless list of horrors endlessly regurgitated. All this with one goal in mind: to convince us all we face an oil crisis of biblical proportions.

OPEC warns they cannot keep up with demand. We see faceless “experts” wheeled in to pontificate on China´s insatiable oil demands. They “fret” over gasoline and heating oil shortages, the failure to discover new oil fields and agonize over how our oil reserves will sink to dangerously low levels within twenty years.

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Credit Cards From Oil Companies Are No Bargain

The number of consumers with oil company credit cards, good for gasoline purchases, has increased dramatically during the last ten years. The two main reasons for this growth are the general easing of qualifications for such cards and the growth of pay at the pump. It is simply much easier and faster to buy gasoline if all you have to do is stick a card in the pump, get your gas and drive away. Many Americans are all too happy to apply for another credit card if it means avoiding lines inside the gas station.

Gasoline is a recurring expense for most people. Anyone who drives to work each day will probably find that his or her gasoline expenses are about the same each month. Given that the monthly use is the same, gasoline purchases can be viewed in much the same way as a cable TV bill or an electrical bill. It is something that should be paid, in full, each and every month. If the bill isn’t paid in full this month, it will only get larger next month. So paying promptly, and in full, makes a lot of sense.

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Achieving Success In Oil And Natural Gas Investing

Investments in oil & gas private placements, or direct participation projects should only be made by investors who understand, or learn how to implement a deliberate plan to minimize risk, while clearly understanding a likely, and reasonable risk/reward ratio…investors need to accept the over-all risk they must take to achieve the upside necessary to justify taking the risk in the first place.

Investing in oil & gas projects usually takes a check-list approach in my view. Investors should realize that almost all oil & gas development operations involve technical challenges. Deals take time to develop and come to fruition, actually, often up to two years before significant pay-back of capital is possible.

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Grease And Oil On Your Car’s Interior

We all know the properties of oil and grease. They can really stick on anything and could become quite a mess. They are very slick and oily. Aside from these, they could prove to be quite a challenge to remove.

Much as you keep your car’s interior immaculate and clean, accidents do happen. You could step on oil or grease that may have leaked from other vehicles. And when you do, you could bring it in your car’s cabin without you knowing it. Well, only until you notice that oil or grease stain on your carpet – or even on the fabrics in your car. Too bad.

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Where Did All the Oil Drilling Equipment and Well Service Equipment Go?

The well drilling and servicing businesses have been very prosperous the last few years. The industry, although, has been marked by an extreme cyclical past that discouraged capital investment. It doesn’t feel too good to have a multi-million dollar piece of equipment collecting weeds somewhere in a field. When oil began to rise a few years ago, demand for drilling came back and rotary giants came back. The interesting thing is that although equipment can come and go, what about people?

Many people who in the late 70’s or early 80’s had done well in the oil business saw there returns diminish over the next two decades. Talented people tend to be able to switch gears, therefore, many of them moved on to more profitable endeavors. The average family oil business struggled for many years as oil prices languished. Funny, I don’t recall hearing such outrage from politicians as has been witnessed lately. For the people that stuck it out and invested when times were bad, they are now reaping the benefits of the flip side… to punish them for risk taking is un-american.

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Oil Crisis Affects More Than Just Gas Prices

Did you know that petroleum is used to manufacture an enormous number of products that we use in our everyday lives?

Less than 20 percent of all recovered oil is used for any type of fuel. Over 30 percent is used for the creation of food via fertilizers. Nearly the same amount is used to manufacture plastics.

If you were to walk through your home or office, you would be overwhelmed by the thousands of items you use every day that would not be available without access to oil.

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